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About Shihan Thomas Starr

Starr's Black Belt Academy practices a traditional Japanese style of Karate. Operated by founder and Chief Instructor Shihan Thomas L. Starr. Shihan Starr has been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years and has two locations in Greenville, NY.

Shihan Starr has earned the rank 3rd Dan Black Belt in the Kokoro-Kan Karate Organization, and also earned the rank of 4th Dan in the U.S. Budokai Karate Association, both traditional Japanese Karate styles.

In 2006 Shihan Starr was promoted to 6th Dan which takes the title of Shihan Starr. This promotion was through Shihan Paul Fracchia. Shihan Starr is affiliated to Shihan Paul Frachia through the Matsukazi Shito Ryu Karate Organization. Shihan Starr has trained in other karate systems, expanding his knowledge and teaching methods by exposure to not one, but many professional karate instructors by sharing experiences, self-defense techniques, and philosophies.

Shihan Starr is affiliated and a member of the US Shihan Kai Organization for higher ranks of all traditional organizations to learn and grow in their education of the martial arts. Any instructor or higher rank interested, please feel free to contact me at Starrskarate@hughes.net.