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About Kyusho


To become Certified though Kyusho National you will need to start off with Training Course #1 -  Learning the arm points and locations. You will also learn hand drills to activate points while developing speed and timing. (You will learn When, Where and How to attack Kyusho points in a realistic way!)
To start:

Purchase Kyusho Video #1 (Arm Points) $ 30.00 (Click here.)

We recommend that you train with these drills for at least 40 hours with a partner.
You can train at Starr's Karate or on your own with a partner. Submit a video of yourself training full
speed with training gloves on, then slower speed without training gloves with a partner to show your skill level.
You must demonstrate all the drills on video #1. In order to be certified, you must use a partner, be able to complete four step on each drill, demo each drill 6 times, with and without gloves. As performed on video #1.  Then, submit your video or dvd to us with a Certification fee of $25.00 to:

Kyusho National
206 Chapel Hill Road
Westerlo, NY 12193
Attn: Thomas Starr, Shihan

Your certification fee will be held until you are approved through Kyusho national.
You will recieve notification from us, approved or not approved. If not aproved you will
have to resubmit a new video of your training for consideration.
When you are approved, you will recieve notification and a Certification Certificate from Kyusho National on Training Course #1. At that time you will also be posted on our Web site as a member in good standing through Kyusho National and what level you are certified.
Each Training Course will become a little more advanced.
Our goal is to distribute quality information for all martial artists, so you can be the best that you can be with your Martial Arts education.
Best of luck to everyone!